Hi! I'm Jacques, a quantum physicist.

I like to take really complicated ideas and make them easy to understand. On this website I write about quantum stuff, technology stuff, and occasionally quantum technology stuff. Scroll down to see the latest.

My favourite interpretation of quantum mechanics is QBism. I'm part of the QBism group led by Prof. Chris Fuchs at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Recent Posts

Host your own website on Github for free

A post about setting up a simple static website, for people who just want to make it easy for other people to find them on the internet.

Empty space as the soil of the universe: Part 1

What does soil have in common with the vacuum of space time, apart from being dark and mysterious? Read on to find out!

Queues, stacks, and QRACs

Can we use "quantum random access codes" (QRACs) to write algorithms that use memory more efficiently? Who the heck knows.

Lecture Poetry

In which I make poems out of things people said in lectures.

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